Increase Your Storage Space and Organisation with Our Refrigeration and Cool Room Shelving  

Need to freeze and store perishables? We have multiple fridges and cool room racking solutions to suit every space. Hygienic, durable and easily installed – our refrigeration systems are high quality and expertly refurbished from commercial and independent retailers.

Our range of racking and fridges will bring a new appeal to your store, allowing customers and staff to easily view and access stock. Adding this functionality to your space can increase sales and maximise customer satisfaction.

High- Quality Refurbished Refrigeration and Cool Room Shelving in Melbourne

Whatever your refrigeration needs are, we can help! We carry an extensive range of refrigeration systems to suit a large range of products. From Large Freezers, Meat Fridges, Dairy Fridges and cool room racking, we can offer the lot. We are known for the best and long-lasting cool room shelving solutions in Melbourne.

We Can Advise on and Deliver Your Refrigeration Shelving

Our expert team can look at your space and suggest the best fridges or racking for your needs. We also provide delivery and pick up services so no matter what we can get your new shop shelving to you!

Why Buy from Us?

  • Efficient staff and quick turnaround time
  • Work with any budgets and are always affordable
  • Great attention to detail and accuracy
  • Competitive and adaptable pricing
  • Experts with more than 35 years of experience
  • Great customer service and a familiar team

Order Your Refrigeration or Cool Room Racks Now         

We work to make sure your order is assembled and delivered promptly. With a team of specialists, we make sure you get the best item for the best price.  Contact us on (03) 9548 5446 and let us help you with your refrigeration and cool room rack needs today!


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