Advantages of Gondola Shelves

Gondola shelves have been popular for many years especially in convenience stores, malls, retail outlets and grocery stores. They are often used when a business needs maximum storage within a limited area. In effect, many home owners are taking advantage of the flexibility of gondola shelving by placing the units in their storerooms and garages.

Increased Shelving with Optimum Flexibility

Gondola shelving units make the best use of space with its vertical scaling. And with proper placement, a business can maximise on the available space in their store. To make best use of your storage space, store owners simply customise three or more gondola shelves in a rack. The shelving can also be adjusted and rearranged as often as needed so your display is eye-catching and fresh. As well, the horizontal depth of each shelf can be configured. This is particularly advantageous if you want to avoid blocking any light filtering down to the lower shelf. It is also eye-catching and easily noticeable.

Another benefit of gondola shelving is that each shelf can support a load up to 350 pounds. This feature enables store owners to place profitable heavy goods on the top shelf.

Strategic Placement of Goods

Gondola shelving allows a store owner the flexibility of being able to strategically place goods at the most paramount height despite the level of the items. This attribute alone makes it easier to organize and locate items. As well, the durable and secure frame makes it possible to arrange items any way desired.

Gondola shelving also works well with multiple shelves as well as a stand-alone. In addition, they come is a wide array of shapes and sizes with extra accessories like shelf dividers, baskets and shelf fencing for added versatility. In fact, the shelving even comes in different colors that are perfect for catching the eye of a consumer.

Cost Effective

Compared to other types of shelving, gondola shelves are one of the most cost effective and affordable. As well, the shelving is maintenance free. And when it comes to installation, it is very simple. In fact, many store owners install their own shelving quite easily with some instructions and a little effort.

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