Retail Store Shelving Design Ideas to Maximise Your Space without the Clutter

There can never be enough emphasis placed on the significance of a retail store that is organized and without clutter. And with a small store, this is much harder to accomplish than it seems. However, retail store shelving is the ultimate solution that maximises your space without the disorder and chaos.

The Right Shelving

Having the right shelving is the key to organizing and getting rid of clutter. As well, proper shelving plays a major role to the success of your business. In addition, the right shelving is an opportunity to display your products and take advantage of innovative marketing. Well selected shelving also heightens your brand and decreases maintenance.

Wall Shelving

One of the best ways to maximise space and get rid of clutter is with wall shelving. By positioning the shelves a couple of feet from the ceiling you can have additional room and storage for extra displays. As well, the extra space allows an improved ambiance to your stores design. Not only can you display unique pieces but the shelving will allow items to be viewed better without all the clutter.

Wall shelving also allows more walking space for customers. They free up space and eliminate the feeling of being cramped in a room.

Wall Racks

Wall racks are very versatile and can store just about any piece, especially smaller items. For instance, for a retail garden store you can use the rack to hang miscellaneous tools or specialty items. Wall racks can also hold baskets that can enhance your store. They are perfect for holding bulk items like scarves, toys, specialty products and many other products. As well, you can actually find numerous types of baskets that will add a special look to your décor. Today’s baskets are made of various materials like wicker, a diversity of fabrics, wood and other selections.

Gondola Shelving

Almost all retail stores have gondola shelving, and for good reason. One of the major benefits of gondola shelving is that it is free-standing. In other words, the shelving can be changed and maneuvered to fit the unique layout of your retail store. Gondola shelving can also be specially placed in such a way that it directs traffic where you want customers to go. For instance, one gondola shelving unit can be shifted to the right for a comfy curving path, ahead of the unit can be soft turn ahead with another display bending to the left.

In addition, there are different types of gondola shelving that can fit your décor such as single sided, double sided and some with a variety of back panels. As well, many gondola shelving is adjustable. Plus you can easily change the height with extenders.
Standalone Shelving

Adding standalone shelving along with wall shelving creates harmony and balance. And when your retail store shelving is eye-catching, customers feel more at home and are apt to stay a while and shop.

Also, you can spice up the shelving a bit with different colored shelves. For example, lighter tones for gondola shelves that contrast the black shade of the tall units add a nice touch.

Another good example of standalone shelving that highlights your décor is to add height to your Gondola shelving with a few wall shelves. This type of setup makes the store seem roomier and less cluttered.