How Shelves Can Affect Your Shopfitting Design

It is a common practice to employ a shopfitting designer and an expert in the retail industry to boosts sales, or to improve a company’s location and public image. Such an expert can assist business owners at their location to help them to visualize what customers would experience while shopping, and what they want to see in displays that will appeal to them, and the products they need.

However, many small business owners shy away from retail fitouts for fear of the costs involve, but retail shopfitting doesn’t have to be an expensive project. In fact, with the right information, you can do it for yourself. However, professional shop fitters follow important purchasing trends and statistics of consumers in relation to the aesthetics of businesses and the layout of quality shop fittings and shelving. So, it just makes sense to maximise the benefits of a retail fitout by consulting with a professional shopfitter and the acquisition of quality new or used shop fittings.

Importance of Shelves for Shopfitting Design

Basically, shop fittings and shelves can influence buying behaviour of your customers, helping them to find the right items they are looking for easily. While traditional knowledge tells us that shelving systems help to keep stock items sorted, while at the same time allowing customers to easily choose what they want, there is a lot more than that to shelving.

It’s true, shelves for shopfitting design can be used to influence buyers. Retail experts even say that people are more likely to pick items at their eye level, rather than bend down to search for items. So, taking into consideration the estimated average height of your target customers, of the products that are displayed, it is wise to invest in right size of shelving.

While the right shelves for shop fitting designs matters, such as island shelving, low and high gondola shelving, wall shelving, corner bays and pegboard shelving, so does arranging them in a way that does not create a maze of dead ends. It is advised to research the best shelving layouts that benefit the products that you sell.

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