The Effects of Shelving Design in Visual Merchandising

Does your store have enough shelving to display all of your products, but your sales are not what they should be? The reason for this could be the type of shelving you have, and/or where your shelves are positioned within the store. So, how important is shelving design in visual merchandising? A lot of shop owners ask this specific question when they look to buy new shelving systems when it comes time to remodel. The answer is simple, it means ‘everything’.

In fact, strategically presented shelving is shown to increase sales, especially with impulsive purchases. It is important to be diverse when using shelving, not only to attract customers into your store, but to also keep them engaged in your products.

To help accomplish this, here are few tips that any merchant will find handy, in reference to different shelving design characteristics and the effect these have on visual merchandising.

Shelf Height – Shelving comes in many sizes, and, depending on the type of shelving you have can either be helpful, or inconvenient for customers. Ensure that shelving is comfortable for your customers, these shouldn’t be either too high or too low to cause a buying hindrance. So, knowing the average height of your customer helps in choosing the shelving that has the best visual marketing effect, especially if it is in a store for children.

Product Placement – The best products are placed between customers’ knee level and eye level, so, the average height of your target customer is very important to consider.

Shelving Depth – Shelving depth is important, especially in wholesale stores and supermarkets, however, higher-end products are not displayed in bulk, instead, shallow shelving is used. Knowing this will help you design shelves and place items in a way that doesn’t clutter, as this can overwhelm visitors and they might not pick up anything at all.

Compartmentalization – Shelving space has it’s limitations, that is why compartmentalization is recommended to showcase best-selling products near the entrance of the store, and not have them bunched together with other items. Doing this is proved to increase footfall, and, more footfall equals more sales.

Consult a Professional – For those who have no idea what type of shelving to use in their store, it is best to consult someone who understands visual merchandising that can help you choose and arrange your shelving.

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